Momma? I want the bug.
"Baby" (called Baby in the manual) is the "teacher" alongside Cathy Piller for Stage 3: Baby Baby!! that Um Jammer Lammy is holding. Cathy is credited as the teacher but the baby she hold is the one to be repeated and followed. Lammy holds a baby herself too, who is functioning as the 'guitar tool'.


After having extinguished the fire, Lammy is treated on loads of pizza, which she gladly accepts, until she looks at her watch and recalls her goal of getting to her gig on time. She makes a run for, now realizing she ate too much and faints on the pavement out of sickness. A parade of pregnant people appears out of nowhere, singing their early parenthood anthem, as Lammy tries to not be seen by remaining lying on the ground. She is addressed by Cathy Piller, who mistakes her bloated belly for carrying a baby and offers to help Lammy give birth, as they have an After School Sale at the nursery anyhow. As Lammy's belly has deflated, Cathy realizes Lammy never was in labor and forces her to help rock all the newborn babies to sleep. Literally.

Personality & HabitsEdit

The baby is a mischievous young rabbit. Due to being a baby, they constantly ask for things and still wet the bed.


The baby has pastel pink fur and an oval-shaped head. They are wrapped in a blue blanket.


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