My buns are very toasty

Beard Burger Master (思ひでヒゲ社長 Omohi de Hige Shachō) is the deceased owner of Beard Burgers, a restaurant in Parappa Town (previously known as Rodneytown). He debuted in PaRappa the Rapper 2 and is the Teacher of Stage 1: Toasty Buns


When everything in the store starts turning into noodles, he returns from his eternal rest in order to teach Parappa how to make a traditional beard burger.

In a promotional demo of the game made for McDonald's, his restaurant is depicted as a McDonald's restaurant.

Personality & HabitsEdit

Passionate about his burger research, franchising and merchandising but neglectful to his family. He perceives his son as someone who has not matured yet, thus prone to failure and teaches Parappa to make a burger instead. (Perhaps because he already shown his son multiple times but does not listen.) He also turned his wife into a Burger

He gets overly into his own song, free styling his own lines, to the point that Parappa also sounds amused in his lines.


Beard Burger Master

Beard Burger Master is a light-skinned human of average height and supposedly Jewish of race. He has a thick excitable German accent. In contrast to his son, he is bald and has a long gray beard that ironically seem to resemble noodles. His eyebrows are straight curls. In spirit-form he appears legless.


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