WOOOH! Who are this? What is you?? Where are meee~???
Captain Fussenpepper (フッセンペッパー機長 Fussenpeppā Kichō) is an airplane pilot. He debuted in Um Jammer Lammy and is the Teacher of Stage 4: Fright Flight!!


UmJammer Lammy etc.

He has several cameo appearances in PaRappa The Rapper 2, including at his new job as the city hall receptionist where he saves/loads your game saves, his plane in Stage 3: BIG, and in the Come a Long Way music video sitting with Joe Chin.


Lammy Version; UmJammer Lammy
UJL 13 - Fright Flight!!
Parappa Version; UmJammer Lammy secondary storyline
UJL 31 - Fright Flight!! (Parappa Version)

Personality & HabitsEdit

He switches to his other persona whenever he is hit on the head by a loose control panel. At some times, he has a strict and anger-filled personality with all the ferocity of a drill sergeant. At others, he has a calm and gentle personality with a younger mindset and a naive mind, often spouting out random thoughts.

Captain Fussenpepper


He is a short old light-skinned human with a big round nose and gray moustache. His attire represents his mental state of living in both the past and the present. He wears a leather aviator cap with goggles -which were worn in WWII- and a deep-blue airline pilot suit with the eagle brooch that shows hims to be of the US Air Force Colonel rank. His two golden striped sleeves however indicate a lieutenant rank.


  • Hairdresser Octopus shares Fussenpepper's character quirk, also has a split personality in which the "calm" half is the norm.


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