Colonel Noodle: I hate burgers and I’ll tell you why. I was destined to become a burger shop owner from the day I was born. My Dad was so into burger research, that all I got to eat was burgers, burgers, burgers. Burgers for a snack, burgers for breakfast, burgers for lunch and burgers for dinner. Even at my own birthday party, hamburger, cheese burger, hamburger, cheese burger, bacon burger... All my friends hated me for that. Even, even my mother. She ate soo many burgers that...

Parappa: Did she pass away?

Colonel Noodle: No.. She turned into one.

Colonel Noodle: But see, I always liked noodles more than burgers. Actually, I love noodles. That's why I'm going to have noodles take over the world! Noodles are the flow, noodles are the groove, and I'm gonna make everybody understand that! So let there bet noodles! I represent for noodles baby! You know that right. I know I'm right, I know I'm right. I know, I gotta believe!!!!