Dorothy is a minor character in the PaRappa The Rapper (anime). She makes her first appearance in Episode 2: The Theater Stage is Broken (劇場がこわされる). She is an old lady who wishes to become a star dancer before the theater stage she performed in years ago gets destroyed. She is too afraid to stick with her live time dream but with the help of Katy Kat and her friends, she is confident in herself at the end. When all hope seems lost when no one come to see Dorothy's performance her dance partner Paul show up as he was given a postcard that was flying in to sky due to the effort's of Gaster trying to ruin Dorothy's show performance. Dorothy and Paul perform their dance show and everyone is happy and applauds them. Dorothy mades a small appearance in episode 18: Droopy (シオシオだね).

Design Edit

Dorothy.Parappa The Rapper (anime)
Dorothy is a light-skinned cat with pink make-up on her cheeks,black eyelashes and purple eyelids. She has baby blue hair. She wears a dark-green top with a light-brown apron with light-brown shoes.

Personality & Habits Edit

Dorothy is a lady with dreams of becoming a star dancer, however, she lacks any motivation and is thinking of giving up on her dream of becoming a star dancer but with Katy Kat's encouragement. She becomes motivated once again. Dorothy had a relationship with Paul as She and Paul were dance partners who performed a dance at the theater in Parappa Town many years ago.