Fernandes Guitars is a brand of guitars that has its origins in Japan and is its biggest guitar manufacturer. It brought out several guitars with a finish of popular mascots and franchises, called the "CHARACTER SERIES", in which they used the base of their ZO-3/Nomad model. Only around 2000 Guitars were made of each finish.

The Fernandes ZO-3/Nomad is the ultimate go-anywhere, play-anytime travel electric guitar, with a full scale, built-in 5W amplifier, and 4" speaker (powered by 9 volt battery).
—, nomad-standard

For the PaRappa franchise, made in honor of the release of Um Jammer Lammy, they made a total of four different guitars[1], one replica of Lammy's in-game guitar and three with a different finish on the ZO-3 model.

Fernandes UJL-2000Edit

Fernandes UJL-2000
The UJL-2000, credited as the Fernandes UmJammerLammy UJL-2000 in the catalogue, is the only non-Nomad model in the PaRappa Fernandes series and is a replica of the cartoon guitar of Lammy in UmJammer Lammy. It is almost identical to Lammy's guitar with a matte yellow finish and blue strat-style knobs, but it lacks the whammy bar.

Where the other guitars were made with a finish in honor of the game/franchise, this guitar was made for a different demographic; The design is short-scale 24″ starter guitar made for young girls/fans of UmJammer Lammy who wanted to learn to play guitar as a result.[2]


Neck609mm Short Scale, 22F
Control1 Volume, 2Tone, 3Way Toggle-SW.
Pick UpFP-100x3

Fernandes ZO-3 UJLEdit

Fernandes ZO-3 UJL
The ZO-3 UJL (UJL stands for UmJammer Lammy) is a ZO-3/Nomad model made with a glossy red finish featuring Lammy. The speaker features a fullbody picture of her jamming her guitar and the base side displays a row of Lammy expressions. The body has MilkCan written on it. The headstock has "UmJammer Lammy" and "Fernandes" written on it.


Neck609mm Short Scale, 22F
Neck width at nutapprox 42mm / 1.65 in
Control1 Volume, 2Way Mini-SW. (Power-SW.)
Outputfor Amplifier Jackx1
Power5W amplifier
Length610mm (24 in)
Weight3.1 kg / 6.8 lb


Fernandes ZO-3 PTR
Fernandes ZO-3 PTR variant
The ZO-3 PARAPPA THE RAPPER is a ZO-3/Nomad model made with a glossy glittery blue finish featuring Parappa (body) and PJ (headstock).

Strangely, there are two versions of this guitar baring the same name. The second version is one displaying the original main cast (Parappa, PJ, Sunny, KT and Chop Chop on its body. It was found in the Fernandes catalog[3]

Whereas all guitars where made in honor of the new UmJammer Lammy game, these guitars were made in honor of the first game: PaRappa The Rapper.


Neck609mm Short Scale, 22F
Neck width at nutapprox 42mm / 1.65 in
Control1 Volume.2Way Mini-SW. (Power-SW.)
Outputfor Amplifier Jackx1
Power5W amplifier
Weight2.8 kg / 6.17 lb


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