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Food Court (フードコート Fudo Koto) is a virtual reality shooter video game + console. It debuted in PaRappa The Rapper 2 and is the Teacher of Stage 6: Food Court.


Parappa and his gang brought in a machine -the Noodlizer- that would send out some sort of beam to turn things into noodles. Papa Parappa dismantles it and find a video game cartridge inside, named 'Food Court'. Both him and PJ recognize the game and know the history behind it.
Food Court never hit the market due to a rumor that those who couldn't beat the game would have their bodies only accept the consumption of noodles and no other type of food.
As Papa concludes the game to be the nerve of the Noodlizer, he theorizers that defeating the game would bring them to a solution for the noodle problem. As such, Parappa takes on the challenge.

Having completed the game, its ROM is plugged into the machine that was formely known as the unfinished de-noodlizer, aka the Shrink Ray, and creates the de-noodlizer. Not only that; the data from Food Court revealed to them that sweets can counter noodles, as it was the Food Court ammunition against noodles.

Personality & HabitsEdit

It's arguably how much individuality this machine and/or programming has to it, but Parappa refers to it as a teacher when losing to it. Having a rather serious downside to challenging it, it remains casual throughout the ordeal and even allows a replay, spoiling the severity of the loss.

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Like most tech characters, Food Court is a 3D rendered. It appears as a 80s Video Game cartridge (Sony only worked with CD-rom) and its artwork depicts sweets and noodles shooting at each other while a person overlooks the battle.

The console is a heavy clockwork machine, most likely based on the Virtual Boy, as it is worn around ones head to create Virtual Reality. This is especially apparent in COOL MODE, where the graphics are of the quality of the outside world. How one controls the game is not made clear.

Food Court's data appears as a giant tennis court where previously met Teachers comes in a row of boss fights. The realm has different graphics depending on how well you play.


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