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Hey everybody. Watch out for those flying noodles...'cause if you don't do well here, all you get to eat are noodles. Here we go!

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As promised, all you get to eat from now on are noodles only, and if you think that's a bad deal; why don't you try it again?

The Food Court Machine is the voice behind the game. "He" debuted in PaRappa The Rapper 2 and is the Teacher of Stage 6: Food Court. It might assumed the man on the cover of the cartridge is the voice who warns the player of their fate if they lose to the game, though his actual voice actor is unknown.

Story/History Edit

The Food Court Machine has been powering the hypnotic machine used to control Haridesser Octopus until PaRappa out preforms against him, which combusts the machine. The gang take it to Papa Parappa to see if he knows what to do. The team head to the basement basement until Papa PaRappa reawakens him (by putting him into the virtual reality heaset) in hopes to find a solution to stop the "Noodlization" that been storming Parappa Town. PaRappa wanted to help, but Papa PaRappa says that he doesn't want PaRappa to do it, until he remembers all his many great teachers, and that for him to become a real man, he must face the challenge at hand for himself, knowing that if he fails, ALL HE WILL EAT FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE ARE NOODLES ONLY.

Design Edit

"He" is/might be depicted as a bald, light skinned man (like on the cartridge art above).

Trivia Edit