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Katy Kat
Full Name  ?
Species Cat
Appeared PaRappa The Rapper, PaRappa the Rapper 2, UmJammer Lammy, PSASBR, Parappa the Rapper (anime)
Related To  ?
Friends With PaRappa,
PJ Berri,
Sunny Funny
Voiced By Michele Burks (PaRappa 1, UJL).
Shannon White (PaRappa 2),
Rina Nakayama (anime)

Katy Kat (ケイティ・キャット Keiti Katto) is a blue, female cat with a very energetic personality. She's rough, tough and is usually the first one to blow a fuse. A bit of a tom-boy, Katy is usually seen wearing flashy crop-tops and bold patterned pants - rarely ever wearing dresses or skirts unless she has to.

Despite being a little on the assertive side, she is very friendly, kind-hearted and will always stick by her friends. She has a love for disco, dancing and has shown an interest in journalism and politics in the anime series, where she is seen on multiple occasions presenting news/events in front of a camera. In UmJammer Lammy she forms a rock band called MilkCan alongside Lammy and Ma-san, of which she is the band's vocalist and bassist. Her style of singing is very much country-style. In the anime, her rival is considered to be Paula.

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  • Katy Kat is possibly the only notable character with a tail.
    • Sometimes in the games, it looks like Katy Kat is missing her tail, but it's just the fact the characters are paper-thin.
  • Katy is shown in the games as having no fingers, but in the anime/game art, she's usually shown with fingers.
  • One cutscene before stage four in the first game where Katy Kat, Parappa and PJ play Janken/Rock Paper Scissors to see who gets what job for Sunny's birthday party, Katy doesn't have fingers in the cutscene but when they play Janken/Rock Paper Scissors she has fingers. This is possibly done so it is possible to do Scissors. this is also done for PJ.

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