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Mar r2 c3
Full Name Ma-san
Species Mouse
Appeared UmJammer Lammy,
PaRappa the Rapper 2
Related To
Friends With Katy Kat,
Voiced By Ryu Watabe
Ma-san (マーさん Mā-san, also known as Mar) is the drummer of Milk Can and is depicted as a petit woman with a stick of dynamite lodged in her head. Whenever she is frustrated, which is often due to her short temper, the dynamite's fuse lights and she goes into a frenzy of drumming, usually leading to something being destroyed. She is generally pessimistic and speaks in gibberish which can only be deciphered if the game's subtitles are turned on, but is incredibly strong. She is supposedly a bookworm, whose favorite subjects are mysticism and economics, and her father owns the local pharmacy.

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