Noodle Mum (ヌードルママ Nūdorumama) is the wife of Beard Burger Master, sometime before the events of PaRappa The Rapper 2, she turned into a burger from eating so many burgers.


When Colonel Noodle unprompted tells his burger-exclusive life story to those who confront him, he mentions his mother with grief. Parappa asked about her fate but she has not passed away as he thought; she turned into a burger.
What happened to her afterwards is unclear as she does not appear in the game like her husband and son do.

Personality & HabitsEdit

Albeit to a lesser extent, Noodle Mum is as incompetent a parent as her husband and unseeing of her child's needs. She tries to comfort her son when his outraged friends left his party for being only served burgers. At that moment she turns into a burger. Colonel Noodle is frightened by the change and sight but his mom simply smiles a bit awkwardly as if it's more of a "oh well" to her.


Noodle Mum is a light-skinned rotund human and supposedly Jewish of race. She has light brown curly afro hair like her son and a mole on her left cheek. She wears a green dotted dress and a hotpink apron with a Nijntje-mascot-like emblem on the left chest side.

Her burger change is not shown clearly or one would have to assume a wider version of herself is supposed to be her burger form.


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