The Noodle Syndicate Soldiers are Colonel Noodles' dummies connected to wire. They are Colonel Noodles' dummies sent out to turn everything in Parappa Town into noodles. They are first seen during the introduction cutscene to Chapter 4: "We'll turn you into a REAL MAN!". They are applauded by Colonel Noodles for their efforts "Operation Burgers into Noodles" had been a great success. Colonel Noodles demands to expose the Town to know the taste of Noodles. Later in Chapter 7: "Noodles are the flow, Noodles are the Grove" The Noodle Syndicate Soldiers are seen driving Noodle Syndicate Tanks on the streets attacking Parappa Town by turning the buildings into noodles. They are defeated by Parappa and Co after using sweets to counter the Noodle invasion. They later discover to be dummies controlled by Colonel Noodles. Two characters baring striking resemblances to the dummies are seen in the final chapter "Final Party". These characters help put on Parappa's beanie hat gift to Colonel Noodles. However, It doesn't fit due to Colonel Noodles afro hair being to big.

Noodle Syndicate Soldiers