Several songs on this CD contain lyrics with misogynistic slurs, sex and violence as well as use of the n-word.
For database purposes, the songs are provided, but this wiki does not condone its message.
The 'Format' section in the Tracklist will provide guidance to the content of each song.

The PaRappa The Rapper Party Mix is a compilation album from Tommy Boy Records made in 2001. It was released in Japan to promote PaRappa The Rapper 2. It has songs from many artists, as well as songs from the PaRappa The Rapper 2 soundtrack. The disk had 28 songs (listed below), 9 of them being from PaRappa The Rapper 2 (With the exception of "Say I Gotta Believe!" by De La Soul ft. Double)


Dred Foxx, De La Soul, Double, Ethan Eubanks, Ryu Watabe, Dean Bowman, Kimberly Queen, Freedom Bremner, Andrew Alonzo


No. TitleMusicFormat Length
1. "01-Intro"  
2. "02-Say I Gotta Believe"  
02-Say I Gotta Believe
3. "03-Keepin The Fact"  
03-Keepin The Fact
De La Soul (sex analogies)  
4. "04-Fantastic Voyage"  
04-Fantastic Voyage
5. "05-Toasty Buns"  
05-Toasty Buns
6. "06-I Wonder Why (He's The Greatest DJ)"  
06-I Wonder Why He 39 s The Greatest DJ
7. "07-Humpty Dance"  
07-Humpty Dance
8. "08-Romantic Love"  
08-Romantic Love
9. "09-All Good"  
09-All Good
10. "10-BIG"  
11. "11-Closer"  
12. "12-Sista Moosesha"  
12-Sista Moosesha
13. "13-Go Stetsa"  
13-Go Stetsa
14. "14-Mama Gave Birth To The Soul Children"  
14-Mama Gave Birth To The Soul Children
Queen Latifah  
15. "15-Hair Scare"  
15-Hair Scare
16. "16-Zulu Nation Throwndown"  
16-Zulu Nation Throwndown
17. "17-Jazzy Sensation (Bronx Version)"  
17-Jazzy Sensation Bronx Version
18. "18-Everything's Gonna Be Alright"  
18-Everything 39 s Gonna Be Alright
19. "19-Buddy"  
20. "20-Food Court"  
20-Food Court
21. "21-Incredible"  
22. "22-Noodles Can't Be Beat"  
22-Noodles Can t Be Beat
23. "23-Roller Skating Named Saturday (6 AM Remix)"  
23-Roller Skating Named Saturday (6 AM Remix)
Total length: