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Sunny Funny
Par Sunny
Full Name  ?
Species Sunflower
Appeared PaRappa The Rapper, PaRappa the Rapper 2, PaRappa The Rapper (anime)
Related To General Potter
Friends With PaRappa, Joe Chin
Voiced By Kenya Hathaway (PaRappa The Rapper, UJL, PSASBR); Lea Alomar (PaRappa The Rapper 2), Mika Kanai (Anime)

Sunny Funny (サニー・ファニー Sanī Fanī?) is a flower and is PaRappa's main love interest. She is also the daughter of General Potter, an army general. She generally keeps an innocent demeanor and a positive outlook on things. She too has feelings for him and generally likes him the way he is. She is, however, most impressed when he appears to shown signs of manliness, although this is attributed to him needing the bathroom. Numa Numa Num Num Num is a song also known as Come a Long Way she sang in recent songs from the soundtrack Parappa The Rapper 2 and also the album who wrote this book paragraphs featuring WIGGL3 called NOVEL JAZZ.


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