The Prince (human) Edit

The Prince (human) AKA E-Ray is a minor character in the PaRappa The Rapper anime. He makes his apparance in Episode 5 (Being Completely Nude Everywhere) (ほとんど裸だね) where he lives in a kingdom in Parappa Town 200 years in the past.

Design and Personality Edit

E-ray is a green skinned character who wears a viking helmet, a white suit complete with a bowtie, a blue jacket, yoroi armour and sandals. He appears at the end of the episode when he prays for the king of kings to bring him back to life before becoming a ghost/spirit. He is shown to be a very loudmouth character always yelling at Parappa and friends, but is also a crybaby as shown when he drinks liquor and eats and eats until he cried so much to the point when he created a lake from his own tears. 

Story Edit

After E-Ray discovers that Princess MIta is forced to marry, he seeks the help from Parappa and friends and vows to marry his true love Princess Nita. When a war begins from the two countries, he prays to the KIng of KIngs saying he will accept to do anything to be reunited with Princess Nita again. After being brought back as a human, he lives happily ever after with Princess Nita, who throws her bouquet of flowers which is caught by Sunny shortly after they walk away by the sunset.