Lipton animation Tamanegi
I filed an adoption request on 30 June and one of the requirements is make a blog about it. A more clear one that is.

I am a big fan of the PaRappa franchise with a great respect for its creators, which made it so painful how anime oriented this wiki is. The main page was a mess and there is no one about. I thus chose to fix it all on my own.

  • I am the boss on the Moshi Monsters wiki, having written most content related articles.
  • I know a lot about wiki coding, allowing me to have made new templates, such as infoboxes.
  • I have knowledge of how to get music on this wiki, allowing me to upload the game OSTs.

Some stuff I want to point out:

So yeah, what I have to offer is everything content wise. I would say community wise but I got not much proof for that now do I? If I am admin I like to remove a lot of nasty comments on the pages we currently have. Anyway, you can reply if you're cool with it or nah. Please state why also.

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