Recently, Sony introduced backwards compatibilty for the PS4. Although it doesn't support your old PS2 discs and you have to rebuy certain games that are resold on the PSN, they are upscaled to 1080p HD and have Trophies, additional enhanced features include Shareplay, Remote Play, Activity Feeds and Second Screen support for game manuals through the PS Vita or Playstation App.


PaRappa comes to the PS4!

It seems Sony hasn't forgotten about PaRappa and as a suprise to some, they have released PaRappa The Rapper 2! Although not aswell sold as it's predecessor, it was still a great game. All problems with latency (input lag on some new TVs) have been fixed aswell!

I for one, know many people who loved the first game but didn't even know there was a sequal! 

If you haven't tryed out the sequal, this is a great way to do so! And with the difficulty in PaRappa 2 lowered a bit, it's a great start for players who haven't played any PaRappa games before.

New to PaRappa 2 or the series as a whole and still unsure whether or not to get it? Check out some gameplay videos on YouTube or our own page on PaRappa The Rapper 2 to see if it's your cup of tea.

Even if you have already played PaRappa 2, it's still great to see the game in HD, look out for a comparison video comparing the PS4 and the original PS2 versions that I'm going to make.

Links to PaRappa 2 on the PSN here:

PaRappa The Rapper 2 on US PSN

PaRappa The Rapper 2 on UK PSN

This is the first new PaRappa content (excluding Battle Royale) since the first game's port to the PSP in 2007. Who knows, now that lot's more people are discovering and enjoying PaRappa again, could we see PaRappa 3 soon? You Just Gotta Believe!

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