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Lyrics Edit

Why do birds have wings? And how are people able to sing? Why do boys like girls? Girls like boys, boys like toys and girls like curls How do we balance on bike wheels? How come when we're sick. it makes us feel and, and how do we sneeze? Can somebody tell me how cows make cheese? Why do some shirts have sleeves? And why do legs have knees? Why do trees have leaves? Why do we feel hungry? Why do we need money? Who created Sunny Funny?

Why? I'm wondering, I'm wondering (the questions that I'm asking) Why is it thundering, thundering? (the things I really need to know) Why? I'm wondering, I'm wondering (someone please help me?) Why? Why? tell me why? tell me why?

Why is fire hot? How does rain fall in drops? And, and how do farmers grow crops? And how does water turn to snow plots?? Hmmmm….. How do street lights change? And how can a dollar bill turn to change? Why do we have first and last names? Why do children love games? And, and how come we get spanking sometimes? And, and how does the sun shine? And, and how come I can lie? And how come we can have a lemon, and a lime? And how come people fight? And how does day turn to night? Hmmmm….. Who makes airplanes take flight? How come some people left while others write with their right? Hmm and how come people die? And where do we go, from the sky?? I'm wondering...…..

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